Muscle Versus Fat

All lbs are not created equal. Fat takes up more space, but muscle weighs more. I always recommend measuring yourself instead is relying so much on the scale to track your progress.

Food Is NOT Your Enemy

Food is good for you! You need it to fuel your workouts and keep you healthy. It’s the “food” you choose to eat that is your enemy. Two fists full of green beans is not the same as two fists full of potatoe chips. If you make healthy choices, you can eat MORE and still reach your fitness goals. Trade your greasy, fried foods for grilled or baked foods. Put down the 20 ounce of soda and drink water or green tea instead. Little swaps like this can make a huge impact in your life. You may even find yourself full longer because you’re giving your body food with real nutritional value! Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.  You only get one body, feed it right! 

Win The War

You are bound to have set backs, plateaus, highs and lows. Don’t let the hard times keep you from striving to better yourself. So what, you ate an entire pizza one day? So what if you drank a 6 pack of beer? You’re not perfect! Just because you missed a few workouts or ate off your diet plan doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. There will almost always be some sort of battle in your quest, so don’t fret if you lose a few. Pick yourself up and keep fighting! Win that war baby!