Get Moving

Did you know you can get an awesome workout without a gym membership? Get yourself some dumbbells and an exercise ball and you’re all set! If you’re a beginner to weight training, I’d recommend tension bands to start off with instead of weights. All of these items are less than $30 total (unless you buy heavier dumbbells, than it may be around $45)! Go online and look up a routine and how to execute the moves properly. Training at home WILL take a lot of ¬†motivation, but so will going to a gym. The difference is you’re not stuck paying a monthly fee for something you’re not using, so it’s up to you to decide which way is better. If neither works for you, try finding a bootcamp in your area or join a networking group involved in fitness. There is always a way to workout, you just have to get up and get moving! Be blessed, healthy, and happy!¬†