Stop Making Excuses

Are you working out and eating properly today? If your answer is “No” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”, I’m going to tell you to get out of your own way! If you have 30-45 minutes, you can get in a workout. Planned on eating fast food on your lunch break or just skipping lunch entirely? You’re only making it harder on yourself. Plan your meals, take your lunch and go for a walk! It’s that simple. Now GO!


I Lift

Get Moving

Did you know you can get an awesome workout without a gym membership? Get yourself some dumbbells and an exercise ball and you’re all set! If you’re a beginner to weight training, I’d recommend tension bands to start off with instead of weights. All of these items are less than $30 total (unless you buy heavier dumbbells, than it may be around $45)! Go online and look up a routine and how to execute the moves properly. Training at home WILL take a lot of  motivation, but so will going to a gym. The difference is you’re not stuck paying a monthly fee for something you’re not using, so it’s up to you to decide which way is better. If neither works for you, try finding a bootcamp in your area or join a networking group involved in fitness. There is always a way to workout, you just have to get up and get moving! Be blessed, healthy, and happy! 

Are You Ready Yet?

As a personal trainer, I see that too many aren’t mentally prepared to change their lifestyle. Once you start making excuses to stop training or sticking to your eating plans, it usually goes downhill from there. I know it’s not easy, that’s common! No one would be out of shape if it was that simple to just stop eating garbage and get in a gym. Decide that you are ready to look and feel better and stick with it. Aren’t you worth it?